Microsoft Windows 10 May 2019 Update

Microsoft introduced some latest updates in May 2019, and we can’t get enough of them. Everyone is excited about the Microsoft’s new features and the potential they have. From tech savvy people to beginners, everyone can benefit from the updates that are available for PCs and other devices. Now you have the chance to get more creative with Windows 10.

The updates provide a plethora of benefits for the users. Be it managing time better or increasing security for Windows, the new features from Microsoft are all you need to optimize your windows 10. In order to take advantage of the available updates, you need to know about them first. Tread on learn about the new, enhanced features.

Microsoft’s New Features

Sleeker Look

Appearance does matter to many people. Now you have the option to increase the aesthetic value of your apps. You can make sure that your apps stand out and all you need to do to get that effect is to choose either the light or dark mode. Just a simple change can bring about a great difference. You need to give it a try to understand just what the option offers.

To choose the right color mode for your Windows 10 application, go to Settings and find Colors under the “Personalization” option. Choose the color you desire and see what happens on your desktop.

Automatic Backup

Digital security is a failing battle for many, but with Microsoft’s new feature, you can finally have some peace of mind. OneDrive provides the security users seek, but the best part is that the process is all automatic. That’s right! Once you choose automatic backup for your Documents, Pictures and Desktop folders, be assured that all the files will be automatically backed up on OneDrive.

Go to OneDrive settings and select Update folders on the AutoSave tab. Just specify the folders you want to sync automatically and you’ll never have to worry about lost data any more.

Emoji Keyboard

Emojis are the standard way to express yourself in the digital world and Microsoft has made sure that users can make the most of this new feature. Now users have the freedom to express themselves wherever and however they please. Whether it’s a text message, email, social media post, or any other form of digital communication, users can now make the most of this expressive tool to convey their emotions and thoughts in a more engaging and creative manner.

To access this new feature, press Windows log key along with the period (.) key. Once the emoji panel is open, select the emoji of your choice to make a statement.

Snip & Sketch

If your work involves excessive use of images and their editing, Microsoft’s new feature is just the tool you need to make life easier. Snip & Sketch is an advanced tool designed to enhance users’ ability to share, capture, and annotate images. Serving as an upgraded version of Screen Sketch, this feature offers a multitude of benefits to individuals who work with images on a regular basis. With Snip & Sketch, users can effortlessly capture screenshots, make necessary annotations, and easily share their edited images, providing a convenient and efficient solution for daily image-related tasks.

To open the app, just type Snip & Sketch in the search box on the taskbar and click on the result.

Final Thought

Microsoft’s new features for Windows 10 might look like simple upgrades, but their importance in the life of multiple users can’t be denied. Try them out for yourself to experience the change! Make sure your IT team publishes Microsoft Updates as they are released in order to take advantage of these, and many more features. Our team at Northwest Remote Offices, LLC offers this via our Managed IT Services solution.

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