What is the Impact of Moving from Skype to Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is the new all purpose application for video calls, texts, messages, and online interactions. It aims to be the professional standard over Skype for Business and other software. It is poised to do so very soon.

If you have still not transitioned, you should soon. We understand if you might be reluctant but the results from this move will be very beneficial for you. The impact of this change has been very positive for businesses. Microsoft Teams thus enjoys high adoption rates.

Here are some of the advantages that one can gain by Skype to Microsoft Teams migration for Business:

1.   Increase in Productivity

An increase in productivity will be the first impact of this change from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams. This is due to how the application has been built.

Skype, useful as it was, could perform only a limited number of functions. Microsoft Teams, on the other hand, is built to perform several functions. It does the work of many other software and can be integrated with other apps as well.

Microsoft Teams provides one holistic panel for employees to work on. All this means that the amount of time that is wasted in multitasking between different software is reduced considerably.

2.   Better and Effective Communication

Microsoft Teams is foremost a communication application. By streamlining the process of communication, it will provide increased efficiency.

Employees won’t have to juggle different software for different communication tasks. Employees will not have to concern themselves with group management. Microsoft Teams has dedicated channels for different topics or tasks. These are available to all employees and can be joined by anyone. This removes the hassle of emailing all relevant personnel and keeping them in the loop.

Microsoft Teams is also powered by cloud technology and hence has more resources to run off. This provides better sound and visual quality for videoconferencing and calling.

3.   Improvement in Employee Focus

The transition from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams will not only benefit the business. Your employees will also find their focus and work ethic improving.

Microsoft Team compartmentalizes information much more effectively than other software. Your employees will not have to waste time in filtering email for information. Team’s channels are dedicated to their topic; only relevant information is there. Your employees can thus better prioritize and focus their time and attention.

4.   Advantages of a Digital Workplace

The aforementioned advantages are all common to new technology. Microsoft Teams distinguishes itself with its seamless shift to a digital workplace.

The power of cloud computing can revolutionize the scale and operations of work. The whole business will benefit from big data processing and artificial intelligence.


We can see that the transition from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams brings several positive results with it. Embracing this change will bring many benefits and advantages to your business. Learn more about the transition.

This is only the start; you will find changes in ways you never imagined once you hop aboard Microsoft Teams. Cloud technology is still being properly understood but the potential it holds is vast and unlimited. Make the jump today!