Microsoft Build 2019

Microsoft Build 2019 was the event of the year and a much awaited occasion for all technological enthusiasts. More than 6,000 people attended the premier developer conference from May 6-8, and gained great insights form the event.

The theme for this year’s Microsoft Build 2019 event was mainly focused on empowering developers from all industries. The event made sure that both beginners and experts in the field of technology got a chance to have their day in the spotlight. This year tech beginners and experienced computer scientists alike got the opportunity to learn about the latest products and updates from Microsoft. The tools developed by the company to help people build great things were also discussed.

The key themes of conversation at the event were AL, Azure and conversational bots but the most exciting part of the event was definitely the strategic cues that the software giant dropped throughout the event. The developers present were surely impressed and can stand to learn a thing or two if they follow the trail of breadcrumbs.

Microsoft Build 2019: Introducing Microsoft Azure

As expected at this Microsoft Build 2019, Microsoft Azure was the main focus of the event but software giant was dropping hits way before the conference was announced. Microsoft declared that they were making the hardware-accelerated models available but the most exciting news to come out of it all is that Microsoft’s project BrainWave has entered preview. The project aims to use FPGAs to provide Azure with faster AI processing and hence is an important component of the whole package.

Microsoft Azure, as claimed by the software giant, can be the ultimate tool. They are marketing it as the internet of things engine and it is believed that with the newer technology in place, these tools can help produce new productivity experiences for several industries.

Artificial Intelligence

It’s not possible to talk about the future and not include artificial intelligence in the mix. The recent developments in artificial intelligence technology at Microsoft are mostly centered on bots. The topic has been raised quite a few times, which has forced people to come to the conclusion that the software giant might be obsessed with the idea.

The announcements this year featured the addition of Intel nGraph for high speed inferencing and ONNX Runtime support for NVIDIA TensorRT. Their main focus of these recent developments have been to allow developers get the best  of Azure and use the no-code approach for their upcoming development projects. By using this new visual machine-learning interface, developers will have the convenience to make some high quality models.

Although Microsoft already has a stable AI application programming interface, they have introduced a new category of Cognitive services to the mix. It’s called Decisions and the tool is an added convenience for developers who can add it to their applications.

The end note here is that Microsoft Build 2019 is all geared up to provide developers with a suite of AI services that can very well revolutionize the development process.

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