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Technological advancements have become an important part of our world now and several industries have taken advantage of this revolution. Be it agriculture or media, newer technologies are making things better for everyone around the globe and the healthcare industry is at the top of the list.

The healthcare industry has experienced a massive shift and things have been changing for the better. Healthcare providers have adopted the technology to deliver quality patient care but the real treasure is the online medical services.

Availing this convenience was once only a dream but with the addition of internet and technological advancements in the mix, the future is coming on. Telehealth has become a huge part of the healthcare industry and by providing online access to patients, physicians and the whole industry is flourishing.

The change is finally here but whether it’s good or bad is something that’s best decided individually. The propagation of telehealth is a great milestone for technology and the future looks bright too. The positive changes this advancement has brought contribute to better communication between healthcare professionals and their patients, making it more accessible, convenient, and patient-centered.

There are several restrictions to the setup but the advantages are also multiple. In case of emergencies, it’s fair to say that the advantages outweigh the lacking of the system. For example patients won’t be able to undergo surgery or receive stitches. In many cases it’s true that telehealth can never replace face-to-face interactions but there are several services that go a long way to close the gap.

Here are a few online healthcare services that deserve recognition.

Online Healthcare: SteadyMD

Providing a completely new approach to primary care, SteadyMD is all set to replace the traditional healthcare professional and patient relationship. Through SteadyMD, individuals can receive comprehensive and tailored healthcare services conveniently from the comfort of their own homes. This eliminates the traditional barriers of appointment scheduling, waiting times, and geographical limitations, enabling individuals to receive prompt and continuous care whenever they require it. With a flat subscription fee for each individual or the whole family, it’s easy to avail primary medical care services without the need for in-person visits.


How convenient would it be if you are able to get the doctor’s appointment from the comfort of your home? But what will truly amaze you is getting the appointment for that very day, even one for within the next hour! For some it might sound unbelievable but that’s the magic of technology in our lives. PlushCare is another fee for service video chat telehealth option that allows you to book appointments 24 hours a day. The best part is that PlushCare offers more than just primary medical care. They provide patients the option of STD testing and respiratory allergy testing.


With over 70% of primary care issues treatable online, telehealth services are just what patients need. And Sherpaa is another telehealth option that’s making things better for the industry. They offer primary medical care through phone calls but the best part is that they offer the service’s smartphone app that can be used to communicate with healthcare professionals through written messages.

The healthcare industry has benefited from technological advancements but there are many more milestones that need to be achieved. We recommend that you contact your primary care provider to find out which parts, if any, of your medical records are digital, and just how secure that information is. Taking proactive steps to assess the digital status and security of your medical records empowers you to make informed decisions and promotes a higher level of trust and confidence in the healthcare system.

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